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comms for Rosario Blog Day 08.  , conferences about technology and communication tendencies.

*anyways, if i´m going to be working on telling a story about 2.0 might as well work it that way too. if you have any cool stories or experiences in which new tech (yes, twitter too) helped you or your professional self or your how-to-swing-the-iron-9-better-self or whatever write me at much appreciated.

on another note, i had my first new project proposal presentation yesterday, first client. went very well. adjusted some things today. it will be a very long project though, so nothing to see here for now.

oh and thanks to Nicky´s initiative, working on a political wiki to help Obama (we´re putting our dime there) in his first 100 days in office. Whatdowedonow? the idea is to create a collaborative place where proposals and discussions can arise, the rest is up to you . (yes, we believe we can do anything, everything with everyone anywhere FTW!).

please help me with the 2.0 thing*.


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