Kaiser Mix yesterday - signals to Marcus & peeps

Marcus did the Kaiser Mix (read this post). i didn´t do the VIP thing so i couldn´t chat, but i said what i wanted to say and these are the remains.

i left The Kaiser a comment:

marcus it was fucking amazing. it was 5 pm over here and i was a watching a bloke live drinking, smoking, DJing from some bar in munich. interacting (via paper signs since i couldn’t chat due to some vip thing) with other´s who were listening/watching like seb, mike, werbeblogger (with whom we did the simpson rave time). i was surprised there were so few of us at such an amazing event. i´m not saying you´re the first man on the moon but it was really inspiring to see this. in fact, i thought about it all night, while i cooked, while i showered. there´s a lot to do! and technology has nothing to with it. it´s what we do with it, like you, marcus, you crazy fuck. the sound was shit on yahoo, but it was better than i expected, i thought it was all going to be noise, white noise, due to the mic on where? your notebook? those are shit. here, you need channels, like a portastudio where you can stream the blip directly mix it with the bar ambiance from your mic and send it thought the yahoo stream. still you could hear the ambient in the bar and the girls or guys that approached you to say whatever. ok i´m ranting and i got distracted now. i´ll post this experience on my blog soon. too much work now. congrats marcus. inspite of the criticism, it was fucking AMAZING (and that´s the only adjetive i know) c ya!

he said:
Facu - thank you. thank you for last night. I’m really sorry about the chat - it was one of the things I buggered up really (VIP access I ask you!) but those signs you were holding up were bloody brilliant.

sorry for the lazy post.

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The Kaiser said...

Thanks for doing all of this. You're a gent.

facu said...

it´s a pleasure and important, friend.