i´m going back to uni to talk about marketing, media and comms. got invited by the professors that got me thinking in all this stuff in the first place, before i got a placement, was a trainee, junior copywriter, now a creative (this is because i think you´re supposed to be aware of everything, take risks and embrace opportunities to do and have fun, at work or not. i mean, do stuff you´re not going to get paid for, do it and enjoy it).
i´ve prepared something 2.0 focused, this doesn´t mean we´re not going to talk traditional, it´s the vertebrae of most of the things we do. but i want to talk about where i want to go, not where i´m at.
finishing up now, it´s in a couple of hours.
i´ll upload the ppp in a few days. thanks to Paul Isakson, Neil Perkin and Jerome Courtial for the great reads, everything i´m going to say, they said it first. cheers.
wish me luck.

oh, and today is Internet´s birthday.

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Nicky Fingers said...

best of luck!

oh, and congrats with the appointment of Diego!

facu said...

not too happy about the diego thing.