Internet is society, it expresses social processes, social interests, social values, social institutions. ¿What is, then, the specificity of Internet, if not society? The specificity is that is constitutes the material and technological base of the net society, it´s the technological infrastructure and the organizing medium that allows the development of a series of new forms of social relation that don´t have their origin in Internet, they are a product of a series of historical changes that couldn´t have been developed without Internet. That net society is the society I analyze as a social structure built around nets of information from microelectronic information technology structured on Internet. But Internet in this sense is not just a technology; it´s the medium of communication that constitutes the organizational form of our societies, it´s the equivalent of what were the industries in the industrial era or the great corporation in the industrial era. Internet is the heart of a new social-technical paradigm that constitutes in reality the material base of our lives and our forms of relation, of work and of communication. What Internet does is process virtuality and transform it in our society, constituting a net society, which is the society in which we live.
Manuel Castells

something to ponder. where ever you are.

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