waiting for september

i´ve always liked Ikea sites, Ikea in general really, who doesn´t? and now they´ve surprised me again. i found this on the Kaiser blog. apparently it´s a live feed and this guy Nils is sitting in a room waiting for September. the best part is you can call him up from where ever and talk to him yourself: +49 40 22 61 11 61.

i imagine that in September that gloomy looking room is going to change into something more Ikea-like, we´ll just have to see.

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]-[appy Thought said...

Its OK, but compared to some of the awesomely produced sites they've done before this feels a bit lazy. Like a bit of a rip from the Heidies that did so well at the awards one/two year(s) ago.

The dancing to music site though is pure class. More like this than a guy I don't know I can call up, I can do that by thumbing through the yellow pages! ;)

facu said...

i think it´s a bit more than that. we´ll just have to wait and see how it turns out. the guy is arranging the room now. i like the waiting for sept. concept, the call the guy up bit and all are perks. i´m waiting for september.