more thoughts

so this brief thing got me thinking.

i wrote these thoughts that i just seem to remind myself every year. it´s ok, because rethinking what you believe is not a bad exercise, it actually renews your spirit in a way.

beyond the today spot or ad. beyond the idea for now. beyond the prize. is objective. before all that is strategy and somewhere in between, conceptual coherence. whoa!

let´s start over.

beyond the solitaire idea for an ad, which is a good exercise now and sometimes, sadly, due to clients that don´t have or don´t allow themselves to have a a defined strategy, what we must create are embracing (global, big, whatever. strategic) ideas.

in what instance? from the start. not on the first brief. before that. to build campaign proposals, not just cumulus ads that get distorted along the way. strategy first. big brain muscle strain from the start. uurrrgghh! really. and i´m not talking about the brainstorming crap that arrives at "magical" concepts that get passed around by creatives and each of them have gremlin+water-like idea parties all over it and then end up blaming the client for not accepting "my cannes winning ad".

boom! yes, boom! smack! define. it´s like that. it´s over.

do momentum, long term, medium term, hold on to it, then try to go with something else.

like Lurpak or Honda or The Guardian, yes, all W+K London. but really, genius. cheers. i mean look at ad by ad and you won´t see any big award winning ideas (i think). but, step a bit further from the table and you´ll see that they aren´t big ideas but are part of a big idea. and, at the end, that´s what really makes the work valuable.

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