an interesting failure

Am Juri. these guys sell entire buildings, that´s what they do, they specialize on selling brand new real estate projects.

i received a brief about them with a media strategy to engage construction people who would find in Am Juri a suitable business parter to effectively sell the whole of whatever they were planning to build.

i was unhappy with the strategy, it was the typical boring radio plus print and other stuff. i didn´t like it because i believed that to engage these particular guys we had to propose something else and not just try to communicate to them ´directly´ through these channels. we had to make them look our way.

we had to generate an experience.

so the idea was to make a "power marketing action/invasion" on a building currently in construction. right in the middle of downtown, at rush hour, on a busy street full of people. and turn an ugly construction site into a disco type thing with a DJ blasting music and beautiful girls dressed as construction workers dancing on halfway built balconies. always watching out for safety, everything clockworked and prepared.

media, invited. friends, invited. the guys on happy hour in the pub across the street, the people commuting home from the office, all lured by the spectacle, maybe to shake their asses after work a bit. looking up, taking pictures, video calling a friend.

experience turns into word of mouth. free press. viral videos. documentary style tvc. photographers. blogs. facebook. YouTube. cops? maybe.

and on top of it all, a huge banner: THE POWER OF MARKETING HAS REACHED CONSTRUCTION.

will it remain in draft form forever? probably. all i know is that it was guaranteed fun, a bit more than what the initial brief proposed.

it´s good to try. great to share. always try to go with something else.

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