the encrypted brief

This brief* is in Filipino.

today i received a nebulous brief. i´m a bit dumb but this one was puzzling.

i solved the ordeal going downstairs and having a conversation with the one who did it. what did you mean? i meant this and that. oh, ok, great.

shouldn´t briefs be that? a conversation? i mean the client or some of them anyways can talk the business talk but not the brief. not the brief! (imagine saying brief with a roller coaster kind of phonetic. not the brrrriiiieeeff...) anyways.

and you know what else. put life into it. pour your heart into it. any ideas you might have!

hell, come upstairs and we´ll do it together! planners, you too! let´s start from scratch and get this thing rolling on a brief full of ideas! let´s dance on the table! you, yes, you, and you, come... ok bye.

*Also doesn´t obey the laws of quantum physics.

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