w.b.p.: albums from hell

not only the covers, the music probably too!

to keep in line with the bizarre world of the bizarre. here´s this. from the dreaded argentinean 70´s and 80´s. movie stars, sports stars, people who now want to be believable before the cameras and of course rip offs. don´t forget to check the infantile albums with the doped up cigarettes smoking entertainer.

rip off!

kid´s albums!

serious sports journalists!

anyone else wanna make an album and BURN IN HELL?
yes, the world is a beautiful place.

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Barrington said...

Ai ai ai... El Tehuelche esta monstruoso! El me recuerda de estes presentadores ingleses:

f.m. said...


neilperkin said...

Gosh, that middle one's a corker. Like to see someone do sleeveface with that...

f.m. said...

body to fit that face. terrible.