positive post

this is the board i have up on my pc tower to keep track of all the work. we´re on fire. and we´re only a few. :(

i´m currently working on four nice campaigns. for a fashion brand, a real estate agency, an insurance company (they´re doing two separate campaigns at once) and a radio show. i tried, on most of the briefs, to steer away, think different, sometimes even reject and build on them.

i´m psyched. the ideas are flowing, the clients are happy, the guys are happy, and things are looking bright, not just good. it´s great when you can do what you love, idea-wise, and the clients are looking forward as much as you to get them done well.

this is turning out as a positive post but (here´s a little pause and...) i guess with more responsibilities i´ve grown a bit (there it is). now i know what i want and where i want to take the work. everything i´ve done in the past, is ok. but what i want to do now is to take it further, even at a small agency you can do great work. with all the limitations. ideas are still powerful things.

2 years into this did something to me. i still want to travel to europe or the states to seek creative opportunities, i mean i sent w+k a pdf! but my perspective on communication is changing (as i speak! nah) and my thinking´s gone berserk. that is: strategy. ideas to build on. before it was getting the job done, being creative for an ad or two. well, it´s gotten bigger now.

i´ll keep you posted as i go through, maybe you´ll see what i mean, maybe not. maybe i´ll sleep on drafts. all i know is this. it´s always good to try. it´s fucking great to share!

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