he was my partner

- ¡Mother, happy mother´s day!
- ¡Oh, Romualdo Evaristo Jorge Alberto, son of mine, it´s beautiful, oh beautiful, beautiful, I´m going to die!
- A Cecchini purse may overjoy your mom, but take it easy, this only happens in soap operas.
- Cecchini. Purses, bags and suitcases.

in october/30/2005 i was teamed up with a great guy, diego martín cikes. my mentor (said as the bad guy on some epic movie). he´d kill me for saying that. he left the agency a little while later, he´d been there for about 3 years and came back a year later. he´s in his hometown now, seeking a bit of tranquility and i think it´s great, but also a waste of great talent. anyways, we like how this turned out.

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