smoking is bad for you

january/26/06. so we had to do an in-house campaign for Petrobras.
they were in in the middle of a process to ban smoking in
the company, office and plants for good. they put a date, we did the campaign. it was a long process for us and everyone pitched in thinking, rethinking and getting feedback from the internal communication people at Petrobras.
above and below. are some of the ideas we had for the campaign, these are just some. we also thought up ambients and other actions.

above: 1 - "Could be, but by having a better work environment we meant something else. On May 20th lets rid our environment of smoke". 2 - "From the 20th of May somethings will stop being unnoticed". 3 - "FREEDOM! ON MAY 20TH LETS LIBERATE OURSELVES FROM SMOKE".

below: 1 - "Feel, Freshness of Desk. A purer air is coming to Petrobras". 2 - " Feel, Fragrance of Stair.A purer air is coming to Petrobras". 3 - "Feel, Essence of Laboratory. A purer air is coming to Petrobras".

Copy - "Our idea is work in a
environment. And an environment without smoke is just that. We´re going to have purer, more pleasant places. All you have to do is take a deep breath. You´ll see how everything changes".

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