happy holidays

december/28/2005. end of the year. we sent some messages to our clients and the people closest to us.

the first one:
"Because everytime you called to check what was going on with the ad we left you listening "that little music" while searching for excuses to tell you that the ad needed a little more time. Thank you for standing by us. Thank you for believing in what we do. Happy holidays".

the second one:
"This year we worked hard for our clients". (the rest, lined-out, are all marketing terms saying just about the same thing) "The difference between communication and advertising exists. Thank you for defending it all year long. Happy 2006".

and the third one:
"We no longer have to explain to you how to get to Pasaje Saguier, nor remind you to ring the bell at the house with the orange wall or spell out our email address. No doubt, to know you a little more is one of the best thing this year has left us. Our wish is to keep working together on 2006. Happy holidays".

we sent some to some and others to others.

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