sunday. off to the campo!

first, i got the "i´m bored" look.

i said, "let´s go to the circus!", but it didn´t look very lively.

so, we headed off to the campo.

and off.

it was a long drive.

i pulled the crusin´ stance.

and the one-handed.

and the "trucker".

and the "honey, hold the wheel for a sec".

then i started to get anxious.


and started to fool around.

 she didn´t like it one bit, so she took over. (notice how we went from a 100 to 20).

but, she got us there.

there was a rooster waiting for us.

and some reading.

there was a bomb in da pool!

and a praying mantis stopped by to say hello.

big trees.

and as the sun set, he drove us back.

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