new driver license

just got it.

funny thing is i´d forgotten my glasses for the psychophysical exam and the nice lady let me by, but when i went to have the picture taken they needed to take the picture with my glasses on, no questions asked.
so, when i told the photo guy i´d forgotten my glasses he looks to they guy on his left, extends his hand and says, "Jorge". And "Jorge" opens a drawer and pulls out a pair of the ugliest fucking glasses i´d ever seen. we laughed. (photo is exaggerated for story embellishment purposes).

maybe they could be uglier i said, maybe they could be clown style glasses, who cares, this way no one will ever forget their glasses again.

thank you Jorge

i´d like to add that the atention at the municipal centre has improved a hell of a lot. i got my appointment by phone, my traffic-ticket free waiver from the internet and in an hour got everything done. well done

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