el campo

in a far away place from the internet...

last sunday, we went to my grandfathers farm with my mom (Andrea), Rodrigo (mom´s boyfriend), my girl (Yami) and my bros (Ale and Mati). here are the pics.

me. red from the sun. trying to get rid of my work related whiteness. i´m by the "parrilla". that´s where the juicy argentinean meat goes! i was also bit hung over. :o

gettin´to work on the fire.

after the fire was lit. my bro, Matias, who´s studying to be a Vet and works at the farm helping my grandpa, asked me to help him to round up a sick cow in a pen so he could give her some injections. that´s her running there, she was furious. she was alone and scared. big mistake. it´s always better to round cows up in a group, they feel a lot safer and she was sick, so, not the best day to visit her.

that´s the crazy zombie cow chasing my brother in the pen. we´d almost locked her up and i scared her somehow and she turned around and started chasing Mati. that´s him to the right, running his ass off. (pics are by my little 10 year old bro, Ale, he was scared, but he watches NatGeo. :b).

Mati, safe. and crazy zombie cow, wanting to eat his brain. you see that!?

crazy zombie cow wanting to eat my brain now. we eventually gave up and let her go. Mati was going to round a couple more so she´d feel safe the next day.

back in the house. horses, like dogs. that´s Rufino (young and playful) and Carita (teen and horny).

more horses. ;)

get closer! yes, mooomm.

kicking the horses out of the house perimeter. so curious these two. they were after the bread on the table outside, the thieves!

outside. go eat your own grass!

gotta have your turkey ("pavo").

don´t know about your peacock though ("pavo real").

that´s Roque. he takes care of everything. he found an injured barn owl and was taking care of him. my grandpa had left his house cat in the farm and the little shit attacked the owl that lived on one of the house palm trees. owls are very important because they eat rats and mice and all the little evilish vermins around. he took care of that cat believe me. anyways,

we tried to make him fly. but one of his wings was badly injured, poor thing(i´m not posting shit about cats anymore friends). owls are such mystical animals, i felt amazing around him. they way they look at you, pure awesomeness.

asado. charcoal, wood, fire, parrilla (iron), meat.

i´m a carnivore, then an omnivore.

Rodrigo and Ale watching THE GAME. see, in Rosario there are two teams, Rosario Central (my team) and Newell´s (that´s the shit team). and the fanatism level is, it´s, like, i mean, sky, stratospheric, jupiterspheric, galaxy... it´s life. here´s a vid from that game. (we were visitors, so we´re not on our stadium, that´s why it looks so shitty)

salad. salad. salads.

get that lettuce in you boy!

that´s the pool. 100m from the house. used to be a water tank. now it´s a sun tanning, water splashing machine of joy.

the scene. the 360º, typical campo argentino.

and we went home.

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