the Social Psycho project

ah, Marcus is at it again.

i´m participating in a group.

and thinking 

hi guys. i was thinking about the project and how i could put
something in. i thought about becoming a victim but i was thinking,
maybe we could use tumblr to create a device to help the story on a
simbolic, metaphorical level, maybe even with a bit of sarcasm or just
build on the context, like let´s say weather reports.

the idea basically is to use a tumblr to help with the narrrative on
another level, to give the fiction other points of view, to give the
reader the chance to find other meanings in the story we´re telling or
as i said before, just build on the context.

basically it´s a part of the story that can tell other parts or views
of the story with in the story. for example: as the psycho is having
his thoughts, there´s something in correlation with that happeing in
the context tumblr, maybe it´s a weather channel, a "storm is coming"
or maybe it´s a news story about a "burning building".

i hope i explained myself correctly. if not, i´ll make a victim. just
an idea i´m putting out there to debate.

i leave you some links.

- Metanarrative: a story about a story, encompassing and explaining
other 'little stories' within totalizing schemes. (
- - Metafiction: a type of fiction that self-consciously addresses the
devices of fiction. (

and thinking some more.

ok, great..

i was thinking "what" it could actually be, but then i thought maybe it
´s a bunch of stuff.

some serve as "context builders" like the "weather tumblr" and the
"news twitter". another context builder could be the "neighbors blog",
  in factit can be two blogs, his and hers. maybe, at some point, Psycho
kills him for her.

about the Metafiction, i was thinking about making something more out
there, like a puppet tumblr. it´s a an evil little puppet, a bit
gremlish, that in it´s own metaphorical way, represents Psycho´s
thought and schemings.

 let´s see what happens.

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